Hello and thank you for visiting. I'm an artist and textile designer. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and my love of colour. Nature in all its forms fascinates me and I love the positivity and happiness of colour. I work in my studio, painting artwork which I sell as original works but I also scan my paintings and use digital technology to create my designs for textiles, wallpaper, paper products and ceramics.


my story

I was brought up in Shropshire, England and for as long as I can remember I've painted and created. So it was natural for me to go to Art College.  I studied Textile design, specializing in printed textiles and after university I got my first job in a fashion print design studio in London. It was a brilliant experience and during my time there I traveled to Japan the USA and Europe and my work sold into collections worldwide.

After several years working in fashion I decided to change direction and moved into designing for home furnishings. I worked for Designers Guild as a senior textile designer for many years. Working in the studio, painting and designing for such a creative company was my dream job.

A few years ago I left to begin a new chapter and to pursue a career as an independent artist and designer.  I now have my own collection of designs and also work for commission, collaborating on varied design projects, clients include John Lewis, Anthropologie and Laura Ashley to name a few. I hope that you enjoy my work which can be seen here on the website and also on Instagram linked to the bottom of the homepage.

I am available for collaborations and licensing on a wide range of projects and welcome all enquiries, please email me helen@helenhallam.com